Cabin Songs, by Chris Darby

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Darkest Days Official Video

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Show | Concert Window

We are broadcasting the festival live through Concert Window. Join us if you live outside of Chicago!

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Hello Friends,

Two things. First off, I’ll be touring with a group of 5 songwriters next week. We will be playing four cities.

10/26 @ Jerry’s, Chicago, IL 9 PM

10/27 @ Paradigm, Sheboygan, WI 7 PM

10/28 @ Revolutions, Manitowoc, WI 9 PM

10/29 @ Jackson Ave, Charleston, IL 7 PM

Full details can be found here-

Secondly, I’m releasing my live set from the summer songwriter festival. This will only be available until 10/27, and can be found at All proceeds from this will go towards expenses for the songwriter tour.

I love you! Keep on keeping on.



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